Look! I Made All These Blankets

Hi Darling Ones,

I’ve been blogging for 21 years, 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days, and for the first time in my entire blogging career? practice? habit? Anyway, for the first time ever my browser crashed in the middle of a post and I lost the entire thing.

Lucky for you I’ve got a keen memory and I remember all the babble I had typed up to the point of the crash. I was telling you about how there’s a roasted red pepper sauce simmering on my stove. The sauce is gonna be used for whatever half-used box of pasta I have in the cupboard & meatballs. Tomorrow it will be meatball subs. I was telling all this not just to brag, but to also advertise my best trait to any one who wants to makeout with me after eating meatball subs.

See, I had a weird sex dream last night and it’s left me feeling a little heart achey and lonely. The dream was weird because I’m not entirely sure who it was about. The object of my lust was either a grown-up version of my friend from high school, Ted or it was Ben from season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I’m in the middle of re-watching because it’s good crocheting TV.

Which, finally, not only brings you up to date before the crash but also to the point of this post.

I finished Blanket #26 the other night. It’s the yellow chevron one I talked about making back in April. It was the blanket that was supposed to solve all my problems. Darling Ones, it did not. But it is done and it is lovely as a sunny day. There’s an added bonus of having way overestimated how much yellow yarn would be needed to complete this project. So, I’m in the midst of trying to making something called, and I quote, “Cozy Hug Throw.” We’ll see how that goes.

In case you are curious, here is a list of all the blankets I think I’ve made so far. There were some pre-list-making blankets that I made right after college, but those were an abominable and ugly waste of yarn and I pretend they didn’t happen. Also, there are a lot of chevron blankets on the list. This is not my fault. Once I made one ALLLLLL the fam wanted one because they are dirty copycats. Betcha didn’t know I was a hand-made blanket trendsetter.

So here’s the list. You can see some of them pictured above.

Blankets I Have Made

  1. Rainbow Stripes
  2. Jaycie’s Baby Blanket
  3. Orange & Blue Chevron
  4. Leftover Softee Chevron
  5. Leftover Softee Large Granny
  6. Grey Granny Squares
  7. Random Redheart leftover Chevron
  8. Sully’s Blanket
  9. Ericka’s Grammu Chevron
  10. Ericka’s Roseanne Granny
  11. Ben’s Charlie Brown Chevron
  12. Max’s Wild Chevron
  13. Jaycie’s Ombre Granny
  14. Tracy’s Chevron
  15. Kelli’s Jackrabbit Chevron
  16. Nolie’s Skull Granny
  17. Cade’s Red & Aqua Chevron
  18. Liam’s Red & Purple Chevron
  19. Mom’s Modern Grammu Chevron
  20. Dolly’s Green Abacus Blanket
  21. Kelli’s Buffalo Plaid
  22. Rose Gold Alpine Stitch
  23. 2020 Temp Blanket
  24. Sonya’s Salem Creek Alpine Stitch
  25. Kari’s Magic Lantern
  26. Yellow Chevron

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another thing I made. Try to contain your excitement.


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