Current Obsessions: A List

Hi Darling Ones,

You in the mood for a list? If not, I’ll talk to you later. If you are, it’s your lucky day!

  • Multi Grain Cheerios. It seems as though I have finally forgiven General Mills for discontinuing my beloved Peanut Butter Cheerios.* I’m chowing down like a box of week of these suckers. They’re my go to for any meal I’m too lazy to prepare or just as a snack. I don’t like to run out of them even though there are perfectly good, unopened boxes of Trix and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch sitting on my shelf.
  • The Jayhawks. Specifically 2003’s “Rainy Day Music.” I’ve listened to “Save it for a Rainy Day” seventeen times in the past four or five days. This means my neighbors have had to hear my a cappella version seventeen times because it’s open window weather and I sing along while wearing my best yellow cans.
  • Red Hobnail Glass. I’m specifically obsessed with finding the candy dishes my Grandma Chromey kept full of M&Ms on her coffee table when I was a kid. When my Cousin Cathy (as opposed to my Aunt Cathy on the other side of the family) was here last week she confirmed that the candy dish from my memory was the candy dish. Now I have to find it for a reasonable price (that last one on eBay went for $101). This is the key to winning the Sisterclub Game this year. That is if we get to have Christmas this year.
  • Glass in general. I love glass things. I’m the Queen of Cans & Jars. I love vintage candy dishes and gravy boats. I love vases and oddly shaped bowls. My dining room light fixture is made up of a bunch of glass balls. I’m ridiculous.
  • Navy Bean Soup. It’s still too warm to make a crock full of hammy delicious navy bean soup, but I really want to. When I’m not looking at glass junk I could buy (but don’t) I’m reading recipes for navy bean soup. Soon my love, soon.
  • Bombas socks. Why are they so expensive? How great do your feet feel in socks that cost between $11-$16 a pair? A PAIR! Admittedly, my nether regions are clad in stupid expensive underpants that my ass loves with both its cheeks. But that region brings me a lot of pleasure and after four decades of cheap underpants it has earned some luxury My feet though? They are ugly and hobbitty and refuse to soften no matter how many potions or graters I apply to them. Will fancy socks soften those bastards? Will I walk better or stand straighter? What is the deal?
  • This video of Steve from “Blues Clues”. It makes me bawl my face off because it reminds of Jaycie as a toddler who was obsessed with Blue. I watched a lot of “Blues Clues” when she was a little.
  • A compliment the aforementioned Cousin Cathy gave me. Last week she came for dinner. It was her first time visiting Supergenius HQ. When we were talking about the candy dish she said, “I just love the way you’ve decorated.” She went on to talk about how she and our entire family were Home Interiors, matching furniture set from the store decorators and she was impressed that I was not. She looked around my place, nodding her head, “This is really cool.” That made me feel good.

What are you obsessed with, Darling Ones? I could always go for new things.

*Wanna know what the worst part of aging is? The part nobody tells you about? That some day they will just stop making all the stuff you love. It sucks and when I fall in love with a snack or beverage or lotion I want to buy it all and hoard it like Scrooge McDuck because I know it’s like a hot minute before they stop making it (or even worse, change the recipe and make it grody). #RIPDietCokeWithLime #RIPPeanutButterCheerios #RIPThatOneOrangeDietCokeThatTastedLikeBabyAspirins

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  1. Shel 08.Sep.21 at 5:03 pm

    Old obsession: anything Lion King (and I don’t mean toys – but have those, too). I did break my no more Lion King rule that I’ve been really good about for almost 10 years, and picked up some authenticated hand drawn by the animators postcards two days ago….

    New obsession: 3M/Avalon Hill bookshelf games.

    Ongoing longest obsession: Masks. Started when I was 15 with my first purchase in Paris hand painted with gold, but last purchase was too long ago (3 years?) hand carved wood in Haiti while on a cruise.


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