Too Crabby to Write a Proper Headline

Hi Darling Ones,

I don’t know about you, but this week has been a drag. I’m lethargic, alternately bored and unmotivated. I give this week two thumbs down and a long, sustained fart noise.

Work has been a nightmare. My favorite show, Top Chef, had its finale last night and it was disappointing.

And Wendell? Wendell, the vengeance demon I share my house with, woke me at 5:30 this morning chasing a moth around my room. About an hour ago he knocked an entire full glass of water onto the couch chasing a fly. Also he keeps pawing at Steven, even though he leaves the rest of the Sadness Garden alone. He is very fortunate that he is cute and I already love him.

I could go on about my general malaise and air of dissatisfaction. I could tell you about how I spent 80% of my day thus far re-reading My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews and eating cherries.

But instead, I will tell you about three things that are so wonderful I can even recognize their wonderfulness through my crabbiness.

Thing 1

The thing that brought me the most pleasure this week was reading Gina Frangello’s very excellent Blow Your House Down. It was five-stars fabulous and deserves infinity fire emojis. I am for sure reading it again before the year is over because I blew through it so fast I know I missed a bunch of stuff. Frangello’s writing makes me want to claw my eyes out with envy. My goal in life is to write sentences that have the same kind of frenetic fury hers do.

Thing 2

When my brother-in-law was here last week he fixed the ice maker in my refrigerator, which stopped working in September 2020. One really cannot truly appreciate their spoiled princesseness until they have to refill ice cube trays on the daily, like an animal. Ice cube trays are stupid and messy and make your hands cold. If cold brew coffee weren’t my sole reason for living during the summer I would never deal with ice. But thanks to handy, dandy Ben I once again have ice that flows unfettered from my refrigerator.

Thing 3

Speaking of handy, dandiness, Ben also hung the new light fixture in my dining room which is now the best room in Supergenius HQ. You can see it pictured above. It’s a bunch of multi-colored glass globes suspended from the ceiling. It looks like an upside-down bouquet of balloons and is an utter delight.

The sunshine bores the daylights outta me,

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