Jellybeans On Sale: A Thought Process

I have long professed my love for Starburst Green Bag Jellybeans. Why I insisted on calling them “green bag” for so long is a mystery. Perhaps it was an affectation I thought would make me seem adorable. Bleh.

Those candies I love are actually called Starburst Tropical Jellybeans and the bag is now more aqua-colored than green, which pleases me immensely because aqua/teal/turquoise has been my #1 favorite color since 1983 (see most everything I own as proof: as far as my eye can see right now? The two chairs, the couch, the “good” notebook,” the blanket I made, the dining room bench, four skeins of yarn the coffee mug I’m drinking out of, the owl penny bank Sister #4 gave me for Christmas, four pens, one plant holder, and a water bottle).

Did you come here to read a list of things in my living/dining room that are blue? Probably not, but you get more than you bargained for here at I Will Dare Dot Com.

What you came here for was to find out how that lovely, BLUE, vintage, glass covered candy dish pictured above came into my life. I know what inquiring minds want to know.

You see on Sunday while perusing the Target ad, I noticed that jellybean was nigh and I thought that maybe I would like to have some of those. However, my brain decided that if I were to buy some jellybeans I would surely need a proper dish in which to store/display those jellybeans.

Sure, my coffee tables has two receptacles in which to store candy. The gravy boat of my dreams and a lovely square, black dish with turquoise vines on it. However, both of these dishes are more suitable for wrapped candies because they are open and if the dust from the never-dusted ceiling fan rains down upon the candies it is not a big deal. But who wants dusty jellybeans? NOT ME. Also not me, someone who wants to consistently dust the way-up-high ceiling fan (or any ceiling fan for that matter).

So I decided that I simply must have a lovely covered candy dish to display on my coffee table, and it could not the lovely covered candy dish I already have on the bookcase. First of all, that one has a weird screw in the bottom of the dish which attaches it to the pedestal and it would probably be nearly unsanitary to have jellybeans in contact with that weird screw. Second of all, shut up. Third of all, yay capitalism.

ALSO, I could not use the Tupperware condiment caddy that came with lids because that was for M&Ms and only a heathen would use an M&M receptacle for jellybeans. I’m not a total monster.

Now to make a short story even unnecessarily longer, I am now the owner of a lovely blue coverer candy dish that will soon be filled with delicious Tropical Starburst Jellybeans.

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