Day 118 of 200: The Gravy Boat of My Dreams

If I were 3% weirder, I would have an area of Supergenius HQ dedicated to my gravy boat collection. Also, I would have an extensive gravy boat collection. I mean, I kinda do now. I have three gravy boats (two of them identical), though I only bought two on purpose. I bought one Temporama gravy boat before I bought a large set of the vintage dishes that included another one.

It seems as though I’ve wanted a gravy boat much like the one I recently purchased (pictured above) for about ten years. Here’s the first known blog post of me whining for a lovely Eva Zeisel gravy boat from Crate & Barrel.

Oh how did my heart pine for the past decade. A few weeks ago I was perusing electronic bay dot com to see if I could pick up some more Temporama plates for a not-ridiculous price (I could not), when what to my wondering eyes did appear? The loveliest gravy boat to ever grace my eyes at a price I was willing to pay ($24). I already forgot what this pattern is called. If I were a rich lady I’d have shelled out for the Harlequin one, but alas! Not rich.

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