i am, i am superwuss and i don’t do anything

after working 11 hours and spending half of those hours in meetings, i decided that i did not have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the urban hipsters who would undoubtedly be flocking to Edina to hear Chuck Klosterman read. instead, i will have to placate myself with his appearance on 89.3 The Current.

i’m a little pissed at myself for wussing out. but i knew that if i went i would regret it tomorrow. instead, i opted to come home and do all the stuff i should have been doing while i was sitting in those meetings. this, is of course, an attempt to catch up so i don’t have to spend the weekend working (because i need to spend the weekend packing).

if i make it to september 15th (my potential moving day) alive, it will be a minor miracle. but then, but then, but then after the 15th, work will ease up, i’ll have a new house and things should be grand. utterly grand.

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  1. UH 09.Aug.05 at 9:46 pm

    OMG are you shilling for them again?

    Seriously, call them up and ask for royalties.


  2. jodi 09.Aug.05 at 9:49 pm

    oh shove it pepsi blue-hater. whatcha got against public radio?

  3. Wendy 09.Aug.05 at 10:29 pm

    oh my god. i can’t believe you’re moving so soon. jodi, i needed time to prepare for this.

  4. jodi 09.Aug.05 at 10:32 pm

    it’ll be ok, i’ll only be an additional 10 minutes away. . . the OG in Burnsville is still close by.


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