21 Years & 307 Posts About The Replacements

Hey Darling Ones,

This blog will be twenty-one years old in six days. Send me bourbon. I’m having a lot of feelings and thoughts about this event that I’m hoping will coalesce into something I can write about by July 31st.

I mention this because I’m gonna say some things about The Replacements today and when I first thought about what I wanted to write I was all, JESUS CHRIST, what more could you possibly have to say about the ‘Mats. Haven’t you said it all by now?

I have not.

After 306 posts over nearly twenty-one years I still have more things to say. Fair warning: I will probably always have things to say about The Replacements, and here are three reasons why.

1. After crying through the end of the Sylvia Plath biography again, I decided to do some work. My ass made so many promises last week that my brain and my fingers gonna have to keep. Getting a jump on some things this afternoon is going to bode well for me trying to sleep tonight.

So, I put on a random Spotify daily mix and got to work. “Can’t Hardly Wait” came on about for songs in and I could feel the endorphins rush into my blood stream. I said to myself, I fucking love this band. They make me so happy.

And because it was specifically “Can’t Hardly Wait” I laughed to myself because of a conversation I had with a friend last week. I missed his first call and so he emailed me and said, “And then of course, a Replacements song plays.” Of course, I called him back.

Me: What ‘Mats song?
Him: Can’t Hardly Wait
Me: Best thirteen seconds in rock & roll.*
Him, shaking his head a little sadly and sighing: You are inescapable.

2. Did I tell you that my niece, Jaycie, moved to Oakland? The weekend after she arrived, she and the boyfriend, hit San Francisco and she texted me: There’s a bar in SF playing I Will Dare and now I miss you so much.

I miss her so much that I can’t think about it. This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing her since she was born. Last night, we tweeted back and forth about how Joan Didion is her new favorite and I almost exploded with pride.

3. You may recall that I have two pictures of Paul Westerberg & Tommy Stinson on my dining room wall. They were taken at The Replacements’ reunion concert at Midway Stadium. Whenever Sister #4 casually wanders over there, she’ll pause and then say, “I didn’t know Mick Jagger was in The Replacements.”

She does this every time because the first time she did it, I had a hissy fit and shouted “HE WASN’T.” Then I launched into a lecture about who was in The Replacements while she laughed at me and said, “I know.”

Ain’t you had enough of this stuff?

*For real from 1:59 to 2:12 in this song is like the greatest build up and drop in all of rock and roll. YES, ALL OF IT. I said it and you can all be wrong forever if you don’t agree with me. And that breath Westerberg takes before he starts with “I can’t wait.” Fuck, that’s like a sonic orgasm.

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