Day 40 of 200: Two, Two, Two Teen References in One Post

The first thing you should know is that the movie All the Boys I Loved Before does live up to all the hype. It’s sweet and charming and makes me wonder if there was a lot of fake dating in high school and I just missed it because I was too busy remembering the plots to Sweet Valley High books in chronological order.

Playing with Fire (SVH #3) was always one of my favorites. I like that it was a little dirty by SVH standards. . . there was an untied bikini top. Plus, it was always fun when Jessica squares off against 1Bruce1 Patman.

I watched the movie tonight with my 20-year-old niece who leaves for her junior year of college in Eugene, OR in five days. I’m already sad about it.

However, I was not sad while we ate Chinese food, pretended to talk as Walter & Sully, and she answered my annoying movie-related questions like, “Do people really use the word ‘bae’?” (apparently, only high school kids do and some non-high school kids use it ironically.) and “Oh my god, do they do it?” (no spoiler on that one.)

But she’s left and I have some of the old Sunday melancholy.

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