The COVID Diaries: A Quickie About Mother’s Day

Hi Darling Ones,

I’m just gonna do a quick bit of bragging about my nephew, Maxwell. He came over early tonight for dinner so he could grill the brats. He also made Rice Krispie bars to share. Two kinds! Chocolate and plain. He also got both me and my mom sweet, thoughtful gifts. Lavender and mint soap for me. A Mickey Mouse rubber duckie for her.

And when we were done eating he helped load the dishwasher and put everything away — without asking!

That is one good kid.

And in return I sent him home* with:

  • Two pints of tuna salad
  • Two pints of potato salad
  • 4 brats + 4 buns
  • 5 cans of Coke
  • 1 quart of brownie cookie dough ice cream
  • 12 Lindor truffles because I couldn’t eat them anymore and they were from Christmas
  • 8 Mega Rolls = 41 Rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
  • 1 case of Fancy Feast cat food because Wendell refuses to eat that stuff

In other news, my mom is weirdly concerned with me getting sick after Shot #2 on Wednesday. She told me, repeatedly, that even though she and my dad were going up to Hinckley tomorrow they would be home on Thursday in case I got sick.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. “Watch me have a fever?”
“Well, I don’t know,” she said. “I could bring you stuff.”

I was all, oh, okay. This is the same woman who didn’t even call me when I had pneumonia in 2004. My mom is not the nurturing type. At all. Which is fine by me, because when it comes to being sick I’m more of a “leave me alone so I can die in peace” kind of person than a “please nurse me back to health” person. I get that from her.

So, anyway, we survived Mother’s Day. I hope you did too. I know this tends to be a weird, fraught day for a lot of people. I’ve struggled with it in the past. This year it was good. I’m lucky my mom is super low key about this kind of thing and also easy to please when it comes to food. We had her favorite meal — brats, tuna salad, and potato chips.

Wiped out from all the talking,

*Whenever The Youth visit I send them home with things. It’s a habit I picked up from my Grammu, who would always give stuff to people when they visited.

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  1. Barb Durham 10.May.21 at 7:47 am

    Love this one! So nostalgic for me, grew up eating that menu.
    And THIS one with Wendell: “Mom bought a whole case of cat food, now I can’t like that kind any more.”

  2. Jodi Chromey 10.May.21 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you! There must me something Dawsony in the air. I had a friend send me an oral history of the Dawson Cryface gif last week!


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