The COVID Diaries: Paprika Part II, The Deviled Egg Boogaloo

My BFK and her husband Atom own a little diner in Savage, MN called The Windmill Cafe. Maybe I told you all this? They bought it from my parents? Remember? Back in January?

As you know it is an excellent time to be a restaurant owner, especially the owner of a restaurant that specializes in bacon & eggs and a clientele that leans heavily towards aging baby boomers. With everything going on BFK & Atom made the tough decision to close the doors for two weeks and then see what the world is like then, and are hopeful they can re-open then.

This is why yesterday I got a text from Atom that said, “Do you want some eggs? Kari can drop them off this morning.”
And I was all, “Yes, we would enjoy some eggs.”
And he was all, “How many? 30? 60? More?”
And I was all, “. . . Um. . . ”

So now I’m the proud owner of 30 eggs. Scratch that, I’m the proud owner of like 50 eggs, because we already had some in the fridge. Last night I told Maxwell he had to figure out how to make a quiche. Right now he’s in the process of mastering biscuits with varying success. He really likes to off-road it when it comes to recipes and last night’s turmeric and curry biscuits were a little. . . unusual? Cade loved them.

When BFK dropped off the eggs yesterday she also came with treats. Specifically she brought over two bags of Starburst Jellybeans and bottle of paprika.

“I didn’t think it was safe to drop off 30 eggs and no paprika,” she said.

So don’t worry about us over here at Supergenius HQ we’ll have deviled eggs for days, and whatever the boys manage to forage for at the grocery store today. I sent them shopping because.
1.) I hate it.
2.) It’s literally the only place left for them to go.
3.) I canceled my InstaCart order because it was our pick-up time and they hadn’t begun shopping
4.) I couldn’t get a Hy-vee slot until next Thursday.

The only part of this that is actual complaining is how much I hate grocery shopping. If I never have to walk through a grocery store with randos asking me how tall I am again, I will be a happy woman.

I’m a pretty happy woman in general today, right now as I type, all things considered. I landed a cool new paying gig for a nonprofit that does work I really care about and despite allergy-related sore throats in this joint we’re all healthy so far.

How are you, Darling Ones?

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  1. heather 27.Mar.20 at 3:09 pm

    Well, we had to postpone my May 10th wedding.
    My dentist of almost 40 years died from Covid.
    I have crippling anxiety about having the kids resume going between our house and their mother’s house this weekend.
    I keep having nightmares about wedding disasters.
    My mother is refusing surgery to remove a tumor growing in her throat.
    I still have to go into work every day (at least there’s lots of parking lately).
    I’ve had a stress headache for two full weeks.

    Happy 2020!

    1. Jodi Chromey 29.Mar.20 at 12:05 pm

      Oh, Heather! I’m so sorry. You really are having a rough go of it. I wish I could help. I’m sure your wedding, when it happens, will be absolutely lovely — just like you!

  2. Kevin Lawver 28.Mar.20 at 7:18 am

    With that many eggs you could attempt french omelettes and omurice!

    Hangin’ in. Feeling the creeping edges of cabin fever, and getting annoyed at things that shouldn’t annoy me. But, I’ve created a lot of projects for my distracted brain to hop between, which is good. I guess.

    1. Jodi Chromey 29.Mar.20 at 12:06 pm

      Yeah. Even I’m starting to get some cabin fever and I’m a hermit! It’s tough out there. I suggested french omelettes to the nephews and it fell on deaf ears. I still might attempt one on my own.


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