The COVID Diaries: Sliding Into My DMs

Dear Darling Ones,

I keep a note on my phone called FROM THE BOOKS where I transcribe parts of books that make my heart wobbly. I don’t do this all the time because I’m lazy, but I try to.

Sometimes, if it’s germane to the topic, I will read some of these quotes to my more accommodating friends and family. I guess sometimes, I even share them with you, Darling Ones.

One of the quotes in my notes is from Amy Bloom’s White Houses and I think about it every day when I snuggle into the corner of the couch where I live/work/play/despair/etc.

“I have been lonely in my life but never when drinking strong coffee, wearing my fleecy slippers, and standing in my own kitchen.”

I don’t wear fleecy slippers, or any slippers for that matter, nor do I drink coffee standing up in my own kitchen, but it’s the vibe. Ever since I read that book a few years ago, I never let myself feel lonely in the morning when I’m drinking strong, hot coffee.

I needed the quote of armor this morning as I sat with my coffee and read some DMs from my nephew, the eldest on the Tibbles, Cade. I have not seen, spoken to, or interacted with Sister #3 or The Tibbles since Cade chose to leave my house back in April. I won’t detail his struggles since leaving because that feels intrusive.

However, he DMed me through Instagram late last night saying we have the exact same taste in music after he stumbled upon my 30-Day music challenge. Not that post, but the Instagram story. Darling Ones, we do not have the exact same taste in music, but I did not question him. Instead, I said, “Nice!”

Then he told me how much he loved me and how much he missed me and auntie (Sister #2), and Darling Ones, I cried only a little bit because I had the strong coffee.

But my heart? Damn.

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