The COVID Diaries: Hangry

Dear Darling Ones,

I’m sitting here typing on my blog impatiently waiting for my mom to come over and pick up the coffee that BFK & Atom left for her.

Yes, this does bring up a bunch of questions. For instance: why does my mom still get coffee from The Windmill? Why does she have to pick up here? Why am I involved in this transaction at all? I Google Mapsed it. My mom lives 3.2 miles from here, there’s no reason Kari & Atom couldn’t have brought the coffee to her.

If you haven’t noticed I’m a little hangry. My mom said she would stop by “later” to get the coffee. And I have no idea when that will be so I don’t want to start making dinner only to have her interrupt me in the middle of the making or the eating. Last Friday she stopped by in the middle of my dinner prep so I could fix my dad’s phone. And then I didn’t get to eat dinner until 8:30.

While I know I could forge ahead like she’s not coming at any moment, I do not want to answer 99 questions about what I’m having for dinner (a salad) and then listen to all the reasons she would never eat that salad (she doesn’t believe in vegetables that aren’t corn, creamed corn, or canned peas).

This is totally ruining Turnip has Covid Day. Yes, I am a little giddy about this. I have zero sympathy for that racist gasbag and all the people who support him or benefit from his monstrousness. Fuck ’em. They have done nothing to alleviate the suffering of anyone. In fact, they actively work to make people’s lives tougher. So, yep, they can fuck all the way off.

You know who I do love though? Amanda Shires & Jason Isbell. I watched I So Lounging today and that’s probably the best thing that’s gonna happen to me in awhile. The show fills me with joy and I’ve watched every single minute of every episode. It’s the one good thing to come out of this pandemic.

I wrote down a bunch of stuff in my calendar to tell you about but now I’m too damn cranky and I need to save my “good” material for when I don’t want to chew rocks and spit them at people.

Tomorrow I will quit procrastinating for real and do all the work I should have been doing this week.

I promise,

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