The COVID Diaries: When August Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Do you ever notice there’s a certain type of liberal dude who must take twitter each morning, before they begin work, to pontificate on the events of the day? It’s like a task on their To Do List.
1. Shower
2. Brush Teeth
3. Take to twitter so I can espouse all my very important manly opinions about the state of our democracy
4. Work

Then these same dude disappear for the length of the work day and maybe come back during Primetime if it’s a busy news day or if there’s a pop culture debate they have to weigh in on.

Maybe this is only a Minnesota Liberal Dude thing? I’m not entirely sure. But there is a certain strain of dude who does this every fucking day and, my point is, it bothers me.

To be fair, everything bothers me this week because Ass August Weather has decided to push fall off the mainstage and you know what? The feels like 84ยบ temperature can go fuck itself along with those pontificating dudes.

I am old and restless and bored and cranky and I refuse to turn on the AC which isn’t helping with any of these matters. And then the fuckery in Louisville about the murder of Breonna Taylor, the death or RBG, 200,000 dead from COVID, I miss my best friend so much, and the republicans who have gone beyond mustache twirling/tie the damsel to the train tracks level of malice to something I cannot even imagine. And well, how can one not be crabby? And bored? Because a constant state of agitation and anger is exhausting and boring.

In other news, I had potato salad and a cinnamon roll for lunch today. I also got the new Lydia Loveless record in the mail and some new socks.

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