The COVID Diaries: Updates from This Neck of the Woods

I shaved off all my hair again. As you can see in the picture above I look almost exactly how I looked in 2018. There may be a few more wrinkles around my eyes, but other than that. . .

Anyway, remember how I sent the nephews to the grocery store on Friday? That was probably not my smartest move. I didn’t think about how Friday night Minnesota’s “Safe at Home” policy went into the place and how that would impact the grocery store. Both the boys came back kind of subdued and overwhelmed.

Cade kept mentioning how creepy it was with half the people wearing masks and empty shelves all over the place. Poor Maxwell was so freaked out he had to go upstairs and lie down for a little bit.

I feel mostly rotten about this. However, a part of me is glad the enormity of the situation has finally sunk in. No more begging to escape for random drugs tests or to go get paprika or to go hangout with friends. In fact, Maxwell just asked if he could drop off some of the ribs he’s cooking at his girlfriend’s house. “I’m just gonna leave them on her doorstep. They’ll be no contact.”

Yes, Maxwell’s making ribs. We kind of take turns making dinner because there’s fucking nothing else to do, and we all eat dinner at the dining room table. It’s kind of sweet and make my ol’ spinster aunt heart grow two sizes.

On Thursday Maxwell made chicken legs for them (I had a salad), and last night we feasted on homemade buttermilk pancakes and sausage. You’ll be happy to know we have used up all the stupid amount of buttermilk I bought.

That’s about all that’s happen in our neck of the woods. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with my mom trying to show her how to send a facebook message. I nearly murdered her, but we made it through. The Olds are doing very well with the staying at home, which I’m glad about because all three of them are high risk due to already having cancer once.

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