The COVID Diaries: Three Things

1. I already forgot what the first thing was gonna be. Oh. I remembered. We started watching Tiger King on Netflix. It is absolutely bonkers and is the first thing that captured all of our attention. We’re about 1.5 episodes in and I cannot wait to view it again tonight.

2. Speaking of tonight the boys are making homemade macaroni and cheese and homemade garlic cheddar biscuits because in my weird grocery shopping panic I ordered a stupid amount of buttermilk. And also I’m a cheese and pasta hoarder. I’m excited because I’m gonna try to let them make this on their own. Max is on biscuits and Cade’s on the mac and cheese. I’m gonna steam some broccoli because I really know how to bring it.

3. I got my period yesterday and I am unreasonably furious about this development. I haven’t had a real or regular period in like eons. However, I also have yet to go 12 months without any kind of period so I can be officially menopausal so instead the perimenopause rolls on. There must still be some estrogen in them there ovaries and really I just want to be fucking done with this. I’ve forgotten how annoy a real period is. I’m cranky and exhausted for no reason other than my uterine lining wants to exit my body. It’s really pissed me off.

BONUS THING: Today I played fetch with Wendell while on (in? how do we label these things) a Zoom meeting because I’ve decided there are no rules anymore and Supergenius HQ is a lawless hellscape.

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