25 Years in the Making

I have paid off my student loans.

There was no fanfare. No confetti shot out of computer. The Student Loan Jackals did not send me flowers or a sash that said “Ms. No More Student Debt.” Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Fucking figures, don’t it?

It only took me 25 years and cost me more than $40,000 to pay back the $19,800 I borrowed in 1995. Student loans are a racket and all student loans should be forgiven immediately. I don’t care that I managed to pay mine off. For me it happened through a combination of luck, perseverance, austerity, and bit of money from my parents last week*. Just because I did it doesn’t mean everyone else should too. $20,000 for a college degree is a fucking steal and not something that happens any more.

People, especially those GenXers like me, who think “I suffered so should everyone else” infuriate me and I psychically send them double-powered hate lasers if the think this and pretend to be liberals. Fuck all the way off with that nonsense. When did you become such an old fucking stick in the mud asshole?

Not everyone is so fortunate as I have been, and even if they are I don’t care. I’d rather have a few of the more fortunate benefit than so so so many suffer. Isn’t that the whole point of our existence on this planet? To help limit suffering?

*My parents are both retired now (my dad has been retired since the lung cancer/stroke of 2016, my mom is kinda semi-retired now) after selling The Windmill to BFK & Adam, a situation that surprises and delights me. I’m happy my BFF has a new business and job she adores. I’m happy my parents found someone to take over, since me and my sisters were not interested. It’s worked out very nicely for everyone involved. However, now that my parents have a few nickels to rub together for the first time in their lives and they are doing their best to give it away all the time. And as two people who have each already survived cancer once, I don’t think this is the wisest course of action.

I turned down their offer to pay off my student loans three times since I got the notice about the balloon payment due on Supergenius HQ in January 2021. When they came over for dinner last week my dad announced they were giving me money to pay off the loan. And I announced that oh hell they were not. We argued about it the entire time they were here, and I managed to negotiate them down to half of the remaining debt. I love my parents, and they are ridiculous.

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