Blogging in the Time of COVID-19

When all hell breaks loose she really breaks and stays loose, doesn’t she?

You would think life here in Angry Hermitville would be quiet and kind of status quo, right? I mean, I work from home. I’ve been a food/toilet paper hoarder for years, long before it was trendy. Just ask my Book Club, they would make fun of me for having so much toilet paper when it was just me.

Well, it’s not quiet hermitude here in Angry Hermitville. Things have been chaos and change and heartbreak and sadness.

I can’t really get into the details behind things, but I can say my 18-year-old nephew Cade has taken up residence in the loft here at Supergenius HQ. He joins his cousin, my nephew, 21-year-old Maxwell who has the bedroom formerly known as the guest room. He’s been here during summers/school breaks since last year. Thanks to the pandemic, he’s packing up his dorm room and moving here earlier than planned.

If we were a band we’d be Cranky Spinster & the Zoomers playing every night at Aunt Jodi’s Home for Wayward Nephews.

Right now I’m so busy with work and calming the anxieties of a young, special needs kid coming from a bad home I haven’t had time to freak out, but I think as soon as I have some space I’ll be freaking the fuck out. Should be fun.

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