A Few Thoughts on Some Things

  • Last night I dreamt I made out with Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch on the lawn of a haunted library. He was in black and white.
  • I’m putting way too much thought into who was the ultimate Roller Skating Snowball band: Air Supply or REO Speedwagon. I’m leaning REO.
  • People who refuse to think of the 90s as the years 1992-1997 bother me. I recognize this is all the people. But really, you fucking millennials, the first few years of the 90s were very 80s, and I have pictures of the hair to prove it.
  • Also, people who think of millennials as teenagers or younger bother me even more. Millennials are in their 30s now, dummies.
  • I still firmly believe that nobody need ever hear the song “Love Shack” ever again. Or “Tainted Love.”
  • I listened to an 80s pop playlist while working today.
  • All this is just a way to fill time until I can go to bed and read Daisy Jones & The Six, which I am obsessed with to a ridiculous degree and think about every minute of every day and the only reason I am not reading it right now is so that I don’t finish it too quickly.
  • “Songs are about how it felt, not the facts.” <--- from the book, a line I wish I had written.
  • For real this is the rock & roll novel of my heart (and I love it almost as much as the rock & roll novel I wrote that nobody wants to publish yet).
  • Speaking of songs and writing, I wrote a new one for Walter that goes like this, “your are the soup├žon billabong of my heart and I want to pet your wiggly butt.” It’s #1 on the charts here at Supergenius HQ.
  • Cheese pizza rolls are a stupid waste of time and don’t even taste very good (I only bought them to placate a vegetarian for an event that ended up not happening).
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