So I’m 44 Now & Other Haps

I’m 44 now. You probably guessed that based on the headline. Yesterday was my birthday. I got a lot of toys and ate a chicken tender melt at Perkins with my sister and The Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain. It was a little odd being the only customers in the Shakopee restaurant with American accents. The place was packed with British roller coaster enthusiasts. At 8 o’clock. On a Monday. Life is weird.
So far 44 is a lot like being 43, only I don’t look like that ——> so much anymore. I mostly look like that <------. And by mostly, I mean totally, because I took that picture about 8 minutes ago. I recently re-blued my hair, because growing out blue hair is kind of a pain in the ass and I was sick of looking like I had fuzzy seaweed growing out of my head. Also, you can see a lot of my grey hairs. I kind of love the grey and can spend vast swatches of time looking at it in the mirror. It makes me wonder if Narcissus had grey hair, because if he did I totally get being mesmerized by your own image.

Also, for my birthday my face gave me a bunch of zits, a few on my chin, one on my lip, and a set of matchers on either side of my nose. Such a thoughtful face I have.

Want to know what else is new in the land of 44-year-old Supergeniuses? Have I got a bulleted list of inanities for you!

  • My dad was in the hospital this weekend for various old people ailments. It was kind of a bummer, but he’s out now and feeling good and on his way to Portland with my mom to see Jaycie graduate.
  • That’s right, longtime darling ones, young Jaycie is graduating from high school. She was two when I started I Will Dare and in the fall she’ll be attending the University of Oregon. Time doesn’t march on so much as run swiftly by while you’re staring at your grey hair in the mirror.
  • I am sad to say that after six years of diligent service, Enid had to be put out to pasture. Her fan was loose and wobbly which made her sound like a lawnmower, which was super annoying and also the vibration from the fan made my fingers tingle. It made work difficult and clients were often like, “Uh, are you vacuuming while on the phone with me?” So Enid is resting quietly in the computer graveyard next to my La-Z-Grrl and the Dell that Target gave me and never took back.
  • Gladys is my new computer. She is slick and slim. She’s still super new and feels a little like a trophy laptop. I wrote my first book on Enid. It’s hard to give that up.
  • SPEAKING OF BOOKS! I finished revision 4 of The Beast. That sucker is like 85,000+ words and three years in the making. This revision was super hard, but I know it’s better for that work. I’ve already sent it off to all-time queen reader Christa, and I’m doing one more read through myself before sending to the potential agent (TPA). Cross your fingers and other crossable things that TPA likes it.
  • I’m trying to think of other things that have happened since I lapsed into silence for the past month. Mostly just writing and working and being totally boring and watching more Bob’s Burgers than is appropriate.

So what’s new with you?

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  1. susanna 07.Jun.16 at 12:24 pm

    Happy birthday! I’m right behind you … 44 in a few months. And I have gray hairs that seem to be only visible in a bathroom mirror downstairs. I kind of like them, too, except when they’re new and stand up in random frizz. My hair cutter claims she cannot see them. I’m undecided if this is better or worse than the other hair cutter who said, “Those are your sparkles!!!!” OK, it’s better.


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