Anti-Bummers, an idea stolen from Carrie Mesrobian

My friend Carrie does this thing on Twitter when life is working her last nerve and she realizes she’s ceaselessly cranky and needs some help gaining perspective. She lists things that are Anti-Bummers.

I’m having a really rough go of it this week. So rough, in fact, that typing the words “really rough go of it” reduces me to tears. I’m in desperate need of something, so I’m going to give Anti-Bummers a try.

  • Anatomy of a Country Music Song by the aforementioned Carrie. It’s the only thing to make me laugh since Saturday. Also, speaking of Carrie, when The Tibbles & I were at the library on Monday we saw her most excellent Sex & Violence on the “Hey Teenagers Read These Really Good Books Shelf.”
  • Speaking of the library, I don’t know what happened since last summer but the Savage Library has become a hotbed of hotness. There have been scads of hot men at the library on Mondays. Some of them even without children. I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it.
  • I’ve had the song “Talk Dirty to Me” stuck in my head since I got up this morning.
  • Our new CSA starts tomorrow (tough I am still kinda bummed the old CSA gave up the farm).
  • Thirty-five days until I get to see Jason Isbell where there is a distinct possibly I will burst into sparkles and electricity from the beauty and joy of it. Please don’t rob my house that night. That would be a total bummer.
  • I got to cuddle with Walter today.
  • I’ll probably finish v2 of The Beast tonight, at least the main narrative. I still need to go back and finish some of the song lyrics and come up with a name for Album #3.
  • On Saturday I got to see Jeremy Messersmith at Rock the Garden and I sang every word to nearly every song he played. The only one I missed was his cover of “Wrecking Ball” because I don’t know anything but the chorus on that one.
  • Also, I got goosebumps when he did “One Night Stand” even though sweat was pouring out of every sweat gland I owned and it was baking hot in the blazing sun.
  • Pizza with jalape?os.
  • What Were You Thinking? by Self.
  • One more anti-bummer I forgot: today at Cross Country Cade heard some kids arguing, and being a nephew of mine he eavesdropped like a pro and came home to relay the conversation that went like this. “Hey, ballsack get off my foot,” said Kid #1. “I’m not on your foot. It’s your hand, dummy,” said Kid #2.” I’ve been calling people ‘hey ballsack” in my head all day.
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