Day 184 of 200: Two Things

1.) The ramen I was preparing for last night turned out so good that after dinner my brother-in-law and I sat in silence for a minute smiling about how good it was. “I’m so happy!” I said. “That was way better than I expected.” I followed this recipe, but skipped the squash because I’m only so-so on squash. Also, I made soft boiled eggs for the first time and they turned out perfectly. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Another thing pumping up the pride? I sent my sick with a cold brother-in-law home with not one but two kinds of homemade soup (chicken dumpling and some of the ramen).

2.) When my mom was here for dinner on Sunday she told me a long story about how she and my dad stopped watching America’s Got Talent for many years (has it been on that long?) because they were made that some shitty dog act made it really far when some legitimately talented humans got the boot. “It’s called America’s got talent,” she said. “Not dogs have talent.” I didn’t argue with her about the nationality of dogs and whether or not they are considered Americans, but I kind of wish I had.

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