Day 152 of 200: Reindeer Hat Sweatshop

Even though I have given up on cleaning, I’m holding tight to the idea that I will have thirteen totally adorable, handmade reindeer hats to adorn the heads of my family tomorrow. I don’t know why I’m so into this hat thing lately, but there you have it.

My dream might not come to fruition, however, because I am bad at math. I’ve been steadily working away at all the ear parts, eye parts, and antlers to finish the hats. However, at some point I decided that 13×2=23. I made 23 outer ears, 23 inner ears, and 23 eyeballs. It was just as I was beginning the pupils that I figured out my mistake. I was not thrilled to have to go back to make three more of each of those things. But I did it.

Now I just need to finish the pupils and antlers.

Around 6 p.m. I’m opening the Supergenius Sweatshop and plan to put the gathered sibs and nibs to work assembling hats. The family that sweats together stays together, right? I plan on paying them with mint M&Ms, soda pop, and Lindor truffles. They will help me and like it. Either that or they have to dust some shit.

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