Day 124 of 200: The Scheduler

Because I come from a certain brand of Midwestern passive-aggression I have a lot of invite anxiety. More so on the sending invites end rather than the getting invited end.

As a kid I remember a lot of family drama, mostly on my dad’s side, regarding who did or did not get invited to family events.

I’ve carried this with me most of my life, and it was exacerbated by a baby shower incident in the 90s. I was like 25 when I threw a double baby shower for Sister #2 and our cousin Jenny. I invited like thirty people —- mostly my mom’s aunts and cousins for this event. I think these babies were my Grammu’s first locally-born great grandkids. It was a big deal and since it was the 90s I had to mail that shit.

I inadvertently forgot to invite mom’s cousin Bitsy, who came regardless and bitched the entire shower about not being invited.

So today I finally got around to sending Facebook invites for the three big winter events I host. My stomach is in knots worrying that I forgot someone, which is ridiculous because the invite list never changes. And Bitsy’s name isn’t even on the list.

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