Day 72 of 200: Unphotogenic

Tonight for CSA Supperclub I made pulled pork enchiladas with a poblano cream sauce and Spanish rice. I was pretty proud of this meal. I roasted the pork shoulder and the poblanos yesterday in preparation. Yes, this was a two-day meal prep situation. I made the cream sauce myself. The only thing that would have made me smugger about this meal was if I’d made the tortillas myself.

My plan was to take a picture of them, and proudly show you the delicious food I made with my own two hands. The picture, however, is not so pretty. They look like an ocean of sludge with a blobby orange island floating in the middle. The tasted like heaven. I managed to get the salt/acid/fat thing worked out to perfection. As far as I’m concerned they could have been way spicier, but then I’m not sure everyone can handle the same level of heat.

I realize that part of the problem is that I don’t plate my food, especially when I’m having people over. My house is more of a “come and get it” affair than a “dinner is served” situation. Lucky for me, my guests don’t mind in the least.

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