Day 181 of 200: A Stream-of-Consciousness Airing of Grievances


#1. I made the mistake of watching the dueling Fyre documentaries the same weekend a bunch of rich, entitled white boys got in the face of the Native American drummer during the same week a bunch of dudes lost their shit for a commercial that said maybe they should try to be better humans. There are no words for my exasperation or rage or disgust. We need to throw men away and start over from scratch.

#2. I really need people over the age of 25 to stop referring to songs as bops. Please. “This song is a real bop.” WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN? You can take your bop that slaps and shove it up your ass.

#3. A hill I well die on:
Yeah = Yes.
Yay = Woohoo. Right on! Super duper.

If you consistently mix up these two I will silently judge you without remorse or regret. Knock it off.

#4. There’s only 18 days left in the 200 project and in my head I act like once I reach day 200 I can never blog again and it makes me kind of sad, even though 12 minutes before I started typing this post I was whining to myself how I didn’t want to do it.

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