Day 182 of 200: Hair Are We Now?

When I shaved my head back in May 2018 my plan was to take a picture every month as it grew out — same pose, same shirt — you know the drill. First, I didn’t start growing my hair out until September. Second, i’m a total flake and forgot to take pictures.

So I’m about four months into growing out my hair and it’s still pretty bad. I don’t mind the badness, it mostly makes me laugh. What I do mind is the uncolor of my natural hair. It’s not quite grey enough on top to be cool. Instead it’s like some weird nonblonde not brown no color that maybe can only be called Minnesotan. This is why I started coloring (or Sun-In-ing my hair) in 1984. It’s so sad and boring. Kind of like me. And this blog post.

I’m hoping my hair is getting to the point where it will tip over. For sure it’s getting to the point where I need to re-introduce conditioner into my life. For the last 78 years I’ve been loyal to bumble & bumble. But maybe, I think, I might be bored with that now? Right now I just use Johnson’s Nighttime Baby Shampoo, because it smells good.

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