Day 173 of 200: It’s Sunday & I’m Boring

This is totally to brag, but I did not get out of bed until 10:30 both days this weekend. I lolled around in bed an hour and a half intermittently reading, masturbating, and dozing. It was glorious. Since I’m still hanging on to this stupid cold I decided this indulgence was curative.

I spent the rest of the day working like a chump, a chump who procrastinates and instead of doing their work during the nine-to-five business hours does it on a Sunday afternoon. I do regret this a little, but only because I had to work six hours yesterday. I had planned that work, but still, I worked all weekend, please heap sympathy upon me.

Also, I made a vat of sausage gravy to eat over biscuits, which made me stomach rebel, but was kind of worth it. Tomorrow I’m taking my first foray into dumplings — a pork, ginger, cabbage affair that I’m hoping I have the attention span for.

Now I’m winding down by watching even more episodes of “The Mindy Project.” I’ve seen them all, but the show auto-started after I watched something and I just kind of went with it because I find Mindy Kaling super charming.

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