Day 174 of 200: An Update on the Year of

Tonight was my first foray into the Year of the Noodle/Dumpling. I kicked it off by making these pork gyoza from Budget Bytes. I followed the recipe for the most part. Instead of using finely shredded cabbage I went with 4 cups of coleslaw from a bag. I figured a few shredded carrots wouldn’t hurt. Also, my personal cooking philosophy when it comes to garlic and ginger is I just microplane as much of that shit as my attention span can handle. Once I’m bored I figured that’s enough. It works for me, because I make good food.

So, I will tell you the dumplings were delicious. I ate them with rice and steamed broccoli and a dipping sauce I invented myself (soy, rice vinegar, Sambal Oelek).

The jury is out on whether they were worth the effort. Filling and folding dumplings is my boredom kryptonite — mindless repetitive actions (see that summer I sucked at a factory work and baking cookies). I wanted to die after making 16 of the 50 the recipe called for. When I couldn’t take it anymore I shoved the rest of the fixings into the freezer for a day where I have more patience or a dumpling-filling chump.

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