Day 47 of 200: The Thwarted Three Nap Plan

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been the taker of some pretty epic naps the past three or four days. These are some really good, A-1, gold-medal worthy naps. The kind of naps that overtake you quickly and then you wake up an hour(ish) later refreshed and ready to finish the day. The kind of naps that don’t really interfere with your night sleeping. The kind of nap where your sleep is not too deep so that if you flinch or move you wake up enough to actually recognize the beauty of your slumber while you’re still in it.

My goal was to see if I could squeeze in three naps today. I came up with this diabolical plan when I laid down for Nap #1 around 11 a.m. See, I was up earlier than normal thanks to Sir Sully the Archduke of Barkinton who has declared my neighbor Stinky Big Truck his arch-nemesis.

The 2 o’clocker was not one of my better naps.

My plan was to try to squeeze in one around 4:30, but then my phone rang a few times and then my mom called to ask if she could bring me Chinese food for dinner and watch Big Brother.

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  1. Susanna 10.Sep.18 at 8:29 am

    So sorry about your naps but can I just say your mother sounds AMAZING.


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