Day 158 of 200: All I Do is Win at Dirty Santa

Sometimes I have zero regrets about missing a day. Yesterday was one such day. Mostly, because I realized I’m the only one who really cares. Also, it’s okay to give myself a break and recover from the emotional upheaval of Christmas.

Last night was the Dirty Santa edition of Rock & Roll Bookclub, which really is our finest gathering of the year. We eat breakfast for dinner, drink Bloody Marys (at least BFK and I do), and play games — most notably Dirty Santa. We keep the limit low ($20) to force more creativity and it usually works. This year there was a lot of booze.

I designed the yearly coffee mug and made a Red Owl basket to put it in, and threw in some tea towels (more on that later). It was a highly sought-after gift, stolen a few times. Everyone always wants to be the giver of the most stolen gift.

So, I won on that account, but the real win was stealing the signed copy of Dessa’s My Own Devices from Heather. It might even be my favorite book of 2018. I read a lot though, so I still have to go through the list before making the final determination.

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