Day 189 of 200: Tales from the Polar Vortex Day I

It was nearly six o’clock. I was curled up under a blanket with Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken. It was WhyHastThouForsakenUs° out and the wind was howling. I snuggled deeper into the couch, and marveled at nice it was to read on the Kindle with one hand. This way, I could keep one arm under the blanket.

Right about then the electricity blinked out.

It’s amazing how many thoughts can zip through your head in an instant. First, will the heat still work? (I don’t know). Second, what will I do if the heat doesn’t work? Because I know the garage door opener will not work without electricity. How long can I stay here without heat? Should I turn on the water so the pipes don’t freeze? Where are my mittens?

About that time, and fifteen seconds after it went out, the electricity came back on and has been giving me the juice reliably ever since. It was out for such a short period of time that I only had to resent the clock on the stove. The microwave and coffeemaker kept time like champs.

After that I burned myself three times trying to make dinner which made me super cranky.

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