Day 66 of 200: Sorry About Your Bug Eyes

First, when I was in high school living with my cousin one day I woke up from a nap, came out of the room, and the Dougie, the little neighbor kid, looked at me and screamed, “SORRY ABOUT YOUR BUG EYES!”

Second, besides being the author of the otherworldly fantastic short story collection What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky, Lesley Nneka Arimah is the wearer of otherworldly fantastic glasses.

In August, I caught her tweets about where she got her glasses. Wherelight was one of the places. I happened to discover this information the same weekend the Chinese company was having some ridiculous sale and I was feeling hot and heavy for some cat-eye glasses.


My glasses came today. I’ve not had a lot of luck with online glasses before. Because my eyes are SO bad, $15 glasses quickly turn into $200 glasses when you need super thin lenses. These bad boys were $35 and I can see out of them without getting a headache or feeling dizzy.

However, I’m pretty sure they make me look like a bug. I asked Instagram and while most people said no, two out of three sisters were #TeamBug. They’re also #TeamBitches.

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