Day 136 of 200: Nesting

Last year during A Very St. Martin Christmas it got hella hot in here and my dingdong sisters decided to open the front door a smidge to cool this shizz down. The dingdongs did not take into consideration that the front door is roughly 3 feet from the thermostat. Anyway, we’re not sure what happened but I was without heat in Minnesota for about 36 hours. My Uncle Wayne loaned me some space heaters until I could get things fixed, but then my house healed itself.

ANYWAY, my brother-in-law Ben suggested I get a new thermostat because mine was pretty damn janky. Of course because I’m a bougie princess I wanted the fancy Nest. During Dirty Santa Bookclub Ben & Wolfdogg ganged up on me and tried to con me into getting some ugly Honeywell thing. “You’re just paying for the Nest brand” they said. I showed those fuckers.

I waited nearly a year for the fancy thermostat to go on sale and then I got myself one for Christmas. Last night Ben installed it, and he even admitted it was pretty rad. And because I was grateful for his help I didn’t even remind him about the great shaming of last year.

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