Day 178 of 200: One About a Meatball Sub

Ever since Sister #4 made it clear during our Christmas argument that my attempts at maintaining a relationship with her and the Tibbles were not only unappreciated, but viewed as a negative, I’ve been putting extra-effort into maintaining my relationship with Jaycie and Max. I miss The Tibbles terribly and that’s all I can say because just typing that makes me cry.

So I was super tickled last night when I got a visit from Maxwell, who ostensibly came over to pick up Walter, who I was supposed to watch while Ben was in San Francisco this weekend. However, I turned the Walter pick up into a late dinner for Maxwell. I ate well before he rolled in at 10:30 last night, but I wasn’t gonna miss an opportunity to feed him

I made him a meatball sub because he loves them. It featured mozzarella-stuffed meatballs I made myself, slathered in a tomato-basil sauce I bought but spruced up with fresh garlic and oregano, served on that buttery pre-made garlic bread you get from the grocery store bakery.

And I delighted in watching him eat it as he told me about accidentally playing a song that said “fuck” during his college-radio program.

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  1. Deb 20.Jan.19 at 11:29 am

    Your first paragraph makes me really sad. I only know you from your blog but I know how much you love the Tibbles and I have enjoyed your stories of the Tibbles adventures. I hope you and your sister can find a way to work through this.


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