Day 11 of 200: Rock & Roll Bookclub

I’ve just returned from an epic meeting of Rock & Roll Bookclub. It was epic only in that we were there for like six and a half hours. That’s a long time to talk to humans. I tuned out for a little bit around 9, but rallied at the end.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had full attendance at Bookclub. Trying to coordinate an evening with seven adults (one of whom lives on the west coast) is difficult. While we got everyone there, we didn’t manage to get everyone to read the book.

This time only 3 out of seven of us read the book. In fact, I think we talked more about shitty books we read in the past. The only thing said about Tommy Orange’s fantastic There There was when Sister #2 said it was “really, really good” as we were leaving. I know for sure they spent a good hour talking about true crime podcasts. I tuned out for that too. I’m not a podcast gal. I chose audiobooks every time. Or music.

I’m zonked on too much talk and too much gin, but I refused to go to bed without doing this. I’m kinda dedicated to this project.

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