Day 149 of 200: Cotton-Headed Ninnymuggins

Egads! I’m an elf who is way behind on her gift making. In fact, I’m typing away at this with 23 minutes left in the day while Jaycie & Max clean up after our gift making extravaganza. I’ve still got so many antlers and eyes to make for my Dorkmas hats.

But tonight was delightful, Darling Ones. My college-attending niece & nephew came over to help me make my Sisterclub gifts. The gift is multiple-parts including: a vintage hotdish pan, a vintage cookbook, the ingredients for tuna hotdish, and some screen-printed tea towels.

The tea towels feature some family sayings, Uff-da, duck, duck, grey duck, and a few quotes from “Elf.” If they weren’t spread out all over the diningroom table drying, I’d show you. Also, I don’t want my sisters to see the pics.

Now we’re watching the “Dwight Christmas” episode of “The Office” as I cuddle with Walter on the couch and frantically type out this update because, of course.

For the first time so far this season I feel a little bit Christmassy. Of course that might change tomorrow hen I start to clean my house in preparation for a Very St. Martin Christmas. But currently? Totally glowing with happiness.

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