Day 148 of 200: I Wish I Had Grown Up in a World with Dumplin’ in it

I spent the afternoon ugly crying through Netflix’s Dumplin’, which is based on Julie Murphy’s book. The movie version pushed my buttons in a way the book did not. Maybe because it stripped out the boring love triangle stuff and made romance a secondary story.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Willowdean is the fat daughter of a Texas beauty queen, who still runs the Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant. Willowdean and her band of weirdoes decide to infiltrate the pageant. There’s also cute boys, drag queens, and Dolly Parton songs.

The movie is sweet and in it, Willowdean is a hero you want to rally behind.

What made me cry so hard throughout the movie was knowing so many fat girls are going to grow up with this book & movie existing in the world. They will grow up on stories where they get to hear they are just fine the way they are, beautiful even and so worthy of romantic love.

I cannot even imagine how reaffirming that will be having been force-fed stories my entire life where the only way women and girls like me ever get to be beautiful or worthy of love is if they lose weight.

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