Day 146 of 200: A Frantic 18 Hours

On Day 8 of this 200 project I confessed to being The Goldilocks of Notebooks. However, I didn’t have the word count to explain that how once I found the one that just right, I would commit and commit hard.

The green notebook pictured above was a birthday gift to me from my friend, Mel. I think she gave it to me like ten years ago. She picked it up because the pen on the cover looks like the Lamy Safari fountain pens I am found of. The sticker came from Penzeys Spices.

This notebook is filled with nearly a year of daily gratitude notes, a project I started and abandoned, random notes to self, various lists of things, and, most importantly, these weird stitch counts I write out for the hats I’m making.

Aside: I cannot type hats without typing hates first and I think that says a lot about me..

Last night, I reached for the notebook that usually lives on the coffee table and it wasn’t there. It wasn’t on the back of the couch or underneath it.

After 18 frantic hours and one text to my sister, I found it tucked in the pocket behind Ruby’s passenger seat. Phew.

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