Day 14 of 200: I Wish I Was Taller, I Wish I Was a Baller

True story: I do not wish I was taller. I’m not even entirely sure what a baller is. . . basketball player? player player?

Frequently I’ve wished I was smaller. On a daily basis I wish I was smarter and more patient.

But what I really wish I was the type of person who can read words of encouragement, poetic platitudes, or any of that bullshit empowerment crap people share on the social media without making a gag face and labeling it “bullshit empowerment crap.”

I’m not talking about the super treacly garbage shared on Facebook. I’m not insane. But my Twitter feed is often filled with people offering encouragement to writers. “Your story is valid.” “Only you can tell it.” “Write the book you want to read,” that kind of crap. Crap I actually believe, but still gets the gag-face or farty noise the second I read it.

I don’t know why I hate this so much. It’d be way easier if I were apathetic, but no, I must hate it with great passion.

The only words of encouragement I enjoy are the e.e. cummings quote pictured above, words I’ve scrawled inside of every notebook or journal I’ve ever had since 1991.

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