Day 7 of 200: 18 Years of

Holy buckets!

Eighteen years of this here website. EIGHTEEN YEARS. If was a human she would vote in the next election (Erin Murphy! Angie Craig!). She’d probably be going off to a sensible state school in the fall to study economics or something that bores me and I don’t approve of. She’s rebellious.

What blows my mind is how I was twenty-eight when I started TWENTY-EIGHT! I felt like an actual, factual grown up, but I was a little baby blogger sitting at her dining room table/desk pecking out posts about nothing in that shitty Prior Lake apartment refusing to use capital letters. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know that girl. I’m hard to recognize. When I was 28, being 46 was not a thing I ever imagined. I couldn’t see past 30. I never imagined I’d blog for eighteen years. I guess I never thought I’d do anything for eighteen years.


P.S. I don’t know what Stinky Big Truck is working on in his garage but involves the frequent use of a drill-sounding thing and it’s super annoying. Yes, its shitty of me to complain. We’re both working from home. It’s just my work is much quieter.

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