Day 8 of 200: The Goldilocks of Notebooks

Recently, I was bragging to BFK how I was gonna start writing in the lovely Scribbles that Matter notebook I bought in February when I was almost finished with the Lab Notes notebook I’d gotten from The Nerdery a billion years ago.

Notebooks, like toothpaste, lotion, and peanut butter, are a thing that you can be “almost done” with for like six months.

The Monday after my brag I tried to scribble things that matter into that lovely notebook, but I tossed it aside. Not only was it just “too good,” it wasn’t spiral bound and thus took up too much room on the arm of the couch. Then I grabbed the Cambridge Executive notebook that I bought a week after the STM for reasons.

The Cambridge was dismissed for paper quality or cover issues or spiral weirdness reasons. It’s the same reasons I dismissed the boatload of Moleskines in the book case (which includes this baby purchased in 2012 and unused) and the million other notebooks I have brought into this house and never written a word in.

If I never bought another notebook I’d still never run out of notebooks to write in for the rest of my life.

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