Day 123 of 200: 11 Minutes to Get My Words In

I’ve just returned from Rock & Roll Bookclub, which went way way later than I had planned. If I had thought ahead I would have banged this shit out before I left for Sister #2’s house, but I was very busy re-watching Top Chef South Carolina, intermittently napping, and reading a Tana French book.

As you can see, I had important stuff to get done. Also, I bought a pair of buffalo plaid pajama pants so I can be matchers with my sister on Christmas. I’m that kind of dork.

Rock & Roll Bookclub was mostly wonderful. However, Walter totally shunned me to cuddle with Wolfdogg and to say that it made me a little salty is an understatement.

We were supposed to talk about Dessa’s My Own Devices, but since Sister #2 and I were the only ones who read it we mostly just shot hearts from our eyes while murmuring about how good it was while I lifted up my arm to make everyone look at my goosebumps.

Then we watched The Current’s livestream of the Hippo Campus concert and it made Heather and I cry when all the teenage girls sang the words to the song instead of the band.

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