Day 109 of 200: 200 Words Worth of Crankiness

Today I am super cranky. I think it’s combination of not sleeping so well last night, super barky dogs, and working entirely too much over the last month or so. I feel like a really angry zombie. I don’t know enough about zombies to know if they feel angry.

It’s one of those days where it seems everything I touched turned to shit and I was actively annoyed by everything that happened. Even though I vowed not to do any work today, I did work today. Granted, it was just responding to a few emails, but I’m still kind of mad at myself for doing it.

A few minutes ago I nearly burst into tears when The Fellas (that’s what I call Walter & Sully) started their chorus of barking because a cartoon dog on “King of the Hill” barked. Dogs are stupid. So, probably, are the humans who yell at them to knock it off when they start barking.

Tomorrow will be a better day because Maxwell, who is home for the weekend, asked if I wanted to have dinner with him and even asked if I’d make him chicken enchiladas. He definitely knows the way to his aunt’s heart.

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