Day 115 of 200: It Slipped My Mind

I woke up at 3:45 this morning to pee and I was ambling back to bed I thought, motherfuck, I forgot to blog last night. Before I drifted back to sleep I mentally shrugged. Oh well.

The plan was to blog last night after CSA Supperclub was over. There’s usually a routine. Do the dishes, turn off the extra lights, locks the door, sit down and blog. I remember sitting on the couch and saying to myself, don’t forget to blog. Then I forgot to blog.

Let’s blame this on the trifecta of lingering cold, Sister #2 arriving home from Portland for the Thanksgiving holidays, and the $198.51 check I got as part of some class action lawsuit. Mostly, it’s the check’s fault. That stupid check’s arrival has collided head on into my new-TV-obsession. I really want a new TV. Since I’m infected with capitalism I have decided my 10-year-old 32″ inch dumb TV is garbage and I won’t be a totally fulfilled and happy person until I have a bigger and better TV.

Lucky for capitalism there’s a 40″ hole in my soul that can easily be filled with a $199.99 TV from Target.

So. I forgot to blog, but I’m getting a new TV.

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