Day 93 of 200: Reverse PMS

I’m not sure if it’s the “holy shit this is so good I can’t believe I made it” butter chicken we had for CSA Supperclub tonight or if I’m burned out on being a rage-fueled hate machine pretty much on the reg for, oh, the last two years, but I’m feeling kinda schmoopy tonight.

When I worked at the little software company on the prairie, James, a tech support guy, used to tell me I was the bitterest sweetheart he knew. He said I was angry, happy, and funny at the same time. It confused him. He always called me Jodi Chromey all the time because he thought my first and last name sounded so good together.

So to honor my schmoop here is a quick list of all the people I am crushing on (mostly via Instagram):
Christa — obviously. She’s my all-time #1 Internet crush forever and ever.
Nora McInerny — Her new book is on my list of the Top 10 Most Looking Forward to Books of 2019.
Amanda Shires — If you can resist a woman with an MFA and a fiddle you are a stronger person than I am.
James Van Der Beek — WHAT?! I know. Blame #1 crush for this one.

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  1. Heather Logan 26.Oct.18 at 9:56 am

    I, like James the tech support guy, always call you Jodi Chromey in my head or out loud. And always will.


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