Day 94 of 200: The Hair Chronicles

When I first shaved my head in April my plan was to do buzz it once and then begin the laborious grow-out process. Much to my surprise I really liked not having hair. It was fun and cool and I loved rubbing my head all the time. I revised my plan to shave it every two weeks until Labor Day. This way I’d spend the hideous winter months hermitting with my shitty, shitty Monchichi hair.

So far my plan is coming together nicely. Lucky for me Labor Day arrived at the exact same time that I had grown bored with not having any hair. I miss brushes and conditioner.

It’s been seven-weeks since my last shave and my Monchichi hair is coming in nicely. And greyly. And stick-uppyily.

My hair is now long enough that it clumps weirdly around my head and I can yank on those clumps. I cannot begin to estimate how much time I spend pulling my own hair, which sounds kinky but is not at all.

I don’t have 200 words worth of hair updates, so I’ll just say that I’ve listened to the boygenius Ep eight times today. If you have’t listened to it, remedy that.

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