Day 69 of 200: Nice

I will present you with Part II of Pandora’s Box tomorrow. I hope you can handle the anticipation.

Today, I will take advantage of the 69th post of the 200 project to list nice things until I run out of words. Things that won’t be included on this list: the shitty song “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams and the shitty sex position.

Nice things:

  • Chicken soup with tortellini and green beans (thanks 8-months-ago Me for making and freezing the soup stock)
  • The movie “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” on Netflix
  • Kit Kat Dark fun-size candy bars
  • Ginger cookies that still taste good even though they’re on the verge of stale
  • Pre-ordering Women Who Rock: Bessie to Beyonce. Girl Groups to Riot Grrrl. because it makes me happy
  • A refrigerator that dispenses cold, delicious water
  • Catching the wrong their/they’re/there up above before hitting publish
  • Teaching myself to knit and to purl
  • The relief that came from finishing that one work project I put off for far too long
  • Chocolate muffins for breakfast tomorrow
  • Soon it will be time to go to bed where I will cuddle up with Dessa’s My Own Devices
  • There are the very last ten words of this post
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