Day 111 of 200: The Germs Continue to Win

I’m only a little bit pissed that I didn’t start this whole 200-day project a day earlier so that my 111th post would have happened yesterday on 11/11. Damnit. Of course, to be fair, I thought I’d have given up this whole thing by like Day 63, because I’m an easily-distracted flake who quits things the minute they get boring.*

In other non-interesting, non-news, I’m officially sick. I feel like my batteries are running down, like a remote that only occasionally works and sometimes you have to slap it, or flip flop the batteries so you can change the channel. Also, my throat hurts. And I’m tired all the time.

As I mentioned yesterday I do want to die alone in peace from this cold. I don’t need a nurse. However, at the same time I do want someone to bear witness to my incredible courage in the face of such overwhelming obstacles to surviving and thriving. Please recognize my bravery in my hour(s) of whininess. Don’t worry too much, due solely to coincidence and not at all on psychic ability, I have two kinds of homemade soup in the fridge, so I’ll probably live.

*reason 281 in the why I’m single chronicles.

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  1. Barb Durham 12.Nov.18 at 10:15 pm

    Nyquil, the miracle cure.


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