Day 70 of 200: Pandora’s Box pt. II

When we last left off, I was discussing my 32-year-old envy for Lisa’s myth about Dandra. Lest you underestimate the enormity of my envy, you should know I never read the myth she wrote, she just told it to me. Yep, the good ol’ oral tradition.

So I was feeling a little not good enough when the final project for the section rolled around. I can’t remember the assignment, but I do remember that I spent a ridiculous amount of time recreating Pandora’s Box. To totally brag, my project was so good Ms. Marquette asked me if she could keep it to show to future 9th graders. It was probably the best thing to happen to me during the entirety of 9th grade.

All this is on my mind because my passion for Greek mythology has come roaring back.

First, I read Madeline Miller’s wonderful novel Circe, which led to listening to Suzanne Vega’s “Calypso” 193 times in a row (I know Circe & Calypso are different).
Then, I discovered Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby, a podcast that is the new love of my life.
Finally, I’m reading The Silence of the Girls because when I obsess, I obsess all the way.

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  1. Susanna 03.Oct.18 at 8:30 am

    Have you read All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry? She has a couple (at least) of YA novels based on mythology, but I kinda liked that one.


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