Day 71 of 200: The JV Squad

As the niblings get older they don’t need ol’ Aunt Jodi very often. This breaks my heart a little because I miss when they would tell me stories about the Guam school for cute as a button cats.

Saying they need me less is a polite way of saying they hardly need me at all. As an aunt, I was already on the JV squad. So now whenever they need me, hearts immediately shoot from my eyes and I get grabby hands. YES! I WILL HELP YOU CHILD OF MY HEART! I WILL USE ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATIONS TO TELEGRAPH MY LOVE FOR YOU!

Of note: I’m writing this on the eve of Jayice’s 21st birthday. I’m extra into my emotions at the mo. If you want to feel 100, she was 3 when I started this blog.

Yesterday, Maxwell texted to ask me if I he could use me as a reference and also if I would proof his resume. I’ve never edited a half-page resume with more gusto and passion. He was extra impressed that I caught a bunch of style inconsistencies.

“Wow,” he said. “I’d have never caught that.”
“Now you know why they pay me the mediocre-sized bucks.”

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